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Isaac RFK is a surrealist-symbolist artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He is born in South Korea into Christian faith and raised in both South Korea and The United States of America. Using many different media, Isaac explores the deep inner conflict that stems from his multicultural and religious upbringing – the clash between individualism perpetuated in USA and collectivism perpetuated in Asian cultures – through self-indulgent, sarcastic, ironic, passive-aggressive symbolic imagery.


Submission and obedience are concepts that both Abrahamic religions and Asian cultures have in common. It is the norm in Korea that the community as one takes priority before the individual, so much that individuality is oftentimes looked down upon and viewed as a form of rebellion. In other words, one must become a sheep in an act of collectivism and shun the individuality of the goat. I am a personification of inner conflict – the silent pacing between the right and left hand, which is the culmination of religious pressure and the uncertain pacing between the collectivism perpetuated by Eastern values and the individuality perpetuated by Western values.

The nihilistic enthusiasm for Armageddon in Abrahamic religions was the source of my interest in the notion of the downfall of man through futility, despair, evil, decadence, and death. It also sparked my admiration for the human spine, which is a symbol of individualism, authority, and potency. I use elements from religious art and contemporary culture to create ironic, morbid imagery using the human body and its distortion, with emphasis on the human spine, as a subtle and silent passive-aggressive defiance against the sheep I am expected to be.

By referencing elements from religious art, pop culture, and the expression of tension and drama reminiscent of Baroque era paintings and sculptures by artists such as Carvaggio and Bernini, strive to create a unique style of pluralism relevant to the current paradigm of 21st century art.


7/2013 - K-Art Project group exhibition at Seoul Arts Center (individual booth)
11/2012 - Seoul Contemporary Art Fair 2012 group exhibition at Seoul Arts Center (shared booth)

2014 – 2016
Pratt Institute
MFA in Painting and Drawing

2008 - 2010
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
BFA in Sculpture

2004 - 2008
University of Washington
BA in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts


Other indulgences.

Binary System (space-themed electronic rock solo project)

Other recordings




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