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Unfinished Sympathy. Pencil on Arches paper. 30x42 inches. 2014.
This piece is literally unfinished. This was the last piece I worked on before moving to New York City, and I did not give myself enough time to work on it, so more than half the piece was drawn in just several days. The piece is a parody of Michelangelo's "Pieta". This is the first piece I attempted to combine verteboros with my "Nether" series of drawings.


Untitled. Pencil on Arches paper. 16x22 inches. 2013.
This piece didn't come out the way it was supposed to because I put it on hiatus mid-way through. I call this one a failure piece, but it was an interesting experimentation on texture and pencil marks. The image was supposed to represent childbirth.

I, Narcissus: Exhibit A, B, and C. 2013.

Fertile Futility / Futile Fertility. Sticker installation. 2013.

Verteboros I

Mixed-media installation. 2013.



Based on "The Emancipation Proclamation: Chamaleonic True Dual Nature".
Concept, design, animation, editing, and audio production by Isaac RFK. 2013.

Tenebrous Assimilation

A short clip based on "Tenebrous Assimilation".
All aspects of production by Isaac RFK. 2013.


One in a Million. Pencil on Arches paper. 30x21 inches. 2013.

One of a Million. Pencil on Arches paper. 30x21 inches. 2013. Photo by Michael Maggs, Wikimedia Commons

Intracavitary Phalangeal Revelation (Hard Work Pays Off). Pencil on Arches paper. 42x30 inches. 2013.
In this piece, the old man in the drawing is scraping out tar from his right lung to roll a cigarette. This is a morbid take on James Dean's status as a sex icon, while at the same time indicating the despair of mankind through the reference of Jesus and Apostle Thomas.

Memento Mori I. Pencil on Arches paper. 30x42 inches. 2013.
This piece was the first of my "pitch black" series of drawings, so the immaturity of the concept shows. It is also my first vanitas piece. This piece was on hiatus for a very long time during its production, so the drawing quality isn't as consistent. It was also my first time with Derwent brand of pencils, which I learned to stay way from upon completion of the piece.

Overstruktexture I. Pencil on Arches paper. 25x25 inches. 2013.
This is a commission piece I did for a musical group based in South Korea. I was not given enough time to work on this piece, but it was a good experimentation on paper choice and working within time constraints. The concept and theme is lost on me, but from what I can tell, it is reflective of my past issues with social anxiety.

Verteboros. Pencil on Arches paper. 25x25 inches. 2012.
This is the first piece in my "Verteboros" (vertebrae + ouroboros) series of imagery. The spine is a set of bones symbolic of strength, uprightness, and power. By arranging the spine in a circular shape with muscles on the inside holding its shape together, it is used to symbolize infinite structure and power.

Noumenon. Pencil on Arches paper. 42x30 inches. 2012.
This piece was created to be on display at a large-scale group exhibition in Seoul Art Center, South Korea. It was a thematic experimentation that I haven't explored again ever since its completion.

Psychoanalytic Ecstasy, right panel.

Psychoanalytic Ecstasy, left panel.

Psychoanalytic Ecstasy. Pencil on Arches paper. 60x60 inches. 2012.
This piece is a direct parody of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's "The Ecstasy of St. Teresa".

Desolation and Culling in one scene.
This piece is a prime example of my belief that the title is very important. Without its titles, the two-panel piece is ambiguous at best, and most of its sociological insight is missing. The two pieces form one large image and is a commentary on romantic relationships and its effect on our individuality based on our gender stereotypes and roles conceived by society.

Tenebrous Assimilation: Culling Into the Amalgamation of Identities. Pencil on Arches paper. 30x42 inches. 2011.

Tenebrous Assimilation: The Desolation of the Physiognomy of Autonomy. Pencil on Arches paper. 30x42 inches. 2011.

Emancipation Proclamation: Chameleonic True Dual Nature. Pencil on Arches paper. 42x30 inches. 2011.
This piece is referencing the multi-faced nature of multiculturalism between collectivistic East and individualistic West.








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